Create or Copy Task Boards Easily with Templates.

Projects with similar characteristics, workflow, task types or estimation approach can be saved as a custom template and can instantly create a new project board that fits your specifications.

GitHub Integration.

Track changes related to a task card on the card with automated links to GitHub commits. Now, software project testers, collaborators and code reviewers can easily see all of the code changes that went into completing a task.

Mobile apps.

The free mobile applications (iPhone/iPad and Android) from Kanbanery allow anyone on your team to track the progress of your projects from anywhere and anytime you need it.


Subscribe to the tasks which matter most to you for email notifications of status changes. Advanced notifications allow you to choose when you are emailed so that you get just the information you want, when you want it.

Powerful analytics

Monitor how efficiently your process works and identify bottlenecks. Clear, graphical reporting - a cumulative flow diagram that you can filter by dates and process steps to help you maximize throughput. Calculate lead and cycle times for any date span and customize the calculations by defining your own start and end dates to match your workflow.