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Why Kanbanery?

Print screen of a project management application

Project Status at a Glance

Meetings are faster and reports are unnecessary when you can see at a glance exactly what's happening in your project. See process risks before they turn into problems. Track your projects and make a meaningful progress everyday.

How to move tasks in the project management app

Communication that works

One kanban board as a channel to collaborate anywhere & anytime.It is a perfect solution to work remotely - talk via one chat or post comments on tasks’ cards. Communicate with your colleagues by writing comments, chatting or using markers like ‘ready to pull’ or ‘urgency’.

Additional features of a task management app

Feel more organized in Minutes

"What should I be doing right now" This stressful question is a thing of the past. Everyone who's helping you, sees the same information, even when you can not be together, so everyone knows what's going on and what to do.

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